The importance of taking control over your mobile data traffic

mobile-data-traffic-drivers-1-2Mobile data traffic is expected to grow eight-fold in the next five years, according to a forecast by Cisco released in February.

The increase will have a dramatic impact on businesses, as IT managers struggle to securely support mobile workers with wearables and other smart devices that increasingly rely on mobile video. Cisco said that smartphones alone will account for 81% of global mobile traffic by 2020.

Meanwhile, a separate survey from Wandera also released last month based on 500 U.S.-based IT managers shows that companies already spend an average of $1,840 to support each employee’s mobile device every year.

The survey found that the TCO is comprised of carrier charges (36%), bill shock (14%), hardware (21%), IT resource (10%), additional services (8%) and security (11%).

While the TCO is higher than most businesses think, there is good news. 58% of the TCO is ‘controllable’, in the sense that the costs can be reduced through improved mobile data management, policy setting and security threat prevention. Indeed, in our experience, using these measures typically removes about 28% of the total TCO altogether.

Take control of your TCO!

Now there is a way of taking back the control of the rising mobility costs.

Flexinets offers a unique the unique Wandera Secure Mobile Gateway cloud solution that provides extensive analytics, compression and mobile security.

The Secure Mobile Gateway uses a proprietary compression engine to optimize all content across video, images and text, significantly reducing data usage without impacting users.  You can configure preferences based on content types, destinations, specific groups and where in the world the user has travelled, to control roaming charges.

ROI audit report

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